Street Epistemology

Street Epistemology has been invented by the brave and very smart Dr. Peter Boghossian (lately better know for his “HOAX PAPERS”) – based on the “Socratic Questioning” we know since over 2,000 years. He’s a prime example of a person who really cares about what is objectively true. Even if this puts his job in danger… We desperately need more people like him who actually have a spine and not just linguistic smoke grenades.

Peter Boghossian – how do you know?
Faith – pretending to know things you don’t know…

This method has then been further developed and applied in many talks by Anthony Magnabosco on his excellent YouTube channel. Here two of my favorite talks, but I strongly suggest to watch a bunch of them – especially regarding different religions. Once you do that, you will realize that ALL religions ARE THE SAME. They make you believe something, because they WANT you to believe it, just to then look for exclusive evidence that supports their preconceived opinion. EVERY dogmatic believe is similar in that sense. It doesn’t matter if we’re talking about Keynesian economics, climate alarmism, flat earth, NIST report on WTC 7, communism – or any of the currently active religions. They’re all lacking POSITIVE EVIDENCE of being actually true. Correlation does NOT EQUAL to causation. The big mistake all these things have in common is the “CONFIRMATION BIAS” which you can read up on in the “Challenges” section.

One of my favorite examples of Street Epistemology at work
Part Two – a few days later…
Magnabosco explaining Street Epistemology with examples

Street Epistemology can be applied not only to religion, but to any belief – especially dogmatic believes people hold without proper proof or facts or sufficient reason.

Just because an explanation is “POSSIBLE” or because it “FEELS RIGHT” doesn’t mean something is actually true.

It is also irrelevant:

…and many more! For the complete list which is absolutely worth your time to dig into see Logical Fallacies on Wikipedia or my condensed version of it on this website: