There is an ongoing, continuous war to influence public opinion in one way or the other. The effect is not immediate but usually spread by indoctrinating a whole generation over 15-20 years. Apparently but only superficially philanthropic organizations like the Rockefeller foundation, the Clinton foundation, WWF, GreenPeace, Club of Rome, Democracy now, and many more are knowingly, or most members of them unknowingly, part of this.

Just follow the money. Rupert Murdoch owns a majority of corporate media and Soros the “controlled opposition”. The Rothschild dynasty has turned away from direct interaction with the public life and uses subsidiaries, aka

our psychopaths in power as well as other indirect means to influence the politics of the day in order to achieve their long term goals. Nothing they do is illegal – at this point it is pretty much impossible to get to them while staying within the legal, political, financial system they’ve helped to create. There are secret cults and organizations with a lot of patience.

One of the examples where religion has done sth good. Now help Ronald Bernard to find love & security within the secular world too. He needs as many hugs and empathy as possible. He’s been through the worst kind of narcissistic/psychopathic abuse and yet found a way out. Not so much because of religion – but because he kept working on his personal development after hitting rock bottom.

They are moving within a horizon far beyond a human lifetime. While they usually started with a great idea, secrecy and power without controls and balances ALWAYS become a root of evil and harm. Therefore only maximum transparency can improve the human condition. Everything that is happening secretly, will turn sour over time. Guaranteed.

Another example where the psychopathic indoctrination in childhood was replaced with another (religious) dogma. We are greatful that “Svali” survived and escaped to tell the story.
There seem too many details and the story-telling is way too fluent to have a high probability to be fake. But of course as always: stay skeptical!
These two sources tell a matching story from two very different perspectives. This raises our confidence in it being true…

Since humans are driven by incentives and even more so by negative experiences and loss – the ones IN POWER and with access to vast amounts of resources – are incentivized to use and abuse these facts against everybody else to stay in power. The latest trick is to scare people with threats that are not even real (only perceived threats, some call them “no flag” referring to the often used “false flag” events) to distract them from the actual topics they should care about. 9/11 and the subsequent “War on terror” and “Climate alarmism” for instance to name just a few… The central banking system as a “protection against financial crisis” is a Trojan horse used to control politics and people by steering inflation to the advantage of a small minority. Central banking is what allows the transfer of money from the hard working slaves to the top 1%.

The story of your enslavement by Stefan Molyneux – an absolute “must watch”! To go even deeper: the discussion between Mike Maloney and Stefan Molyneux. Every child as soon as it can absorb this kind of information should watch the “Hidden secrets of money” series by Mike Maloney! If you haven’t watched it yet – do it now!

There is not even a conspiracy needed to explain most of what’s happening in this world. The asymmetry of incentives between rich and the hard working population are obvious. People with overlapping interests are working in the same direction. While it is not necessary, sometimes they are working together and synchronize their actions for maximum effect. This is what the more or less secret meetings of the Bilderburg Group, WEF and G8 are about. The policies and conspiracies happened long before that – these meetings are about synchronization of the different sub-interest-groups…

This is not in the interest of humanity as a whole and the only weapon against it is to educate yourself about all these topics on this website and beyond.

The tools of propaganda are many – it is basically brain hacking by making use of all the cognitive biases and logical fallacies mentioned on this website. Yuri Bezmenov, defected KGB propagandist tried to warn us in no uncertain terms. He explains in detail how it is done. Aged 54, he probably got “suicided” by a “heart attack”. JFK tried to warn us – he got killed as well and if you want to believe the “single assassin story” in the Warren Report’s version of what really happened – you’re probably beyond reach when it comes to critical thinking. Eisenhower in his farewell speech tried to warn us.

Professor Antony Sutton tried to warn us about the secret societies and the connections between the proponents of communism, Wall Street, Nazi Germany and the big corporations.

Charlotte Iserbyt describes how the NGOs are connected to the intentionally flawed system of education

(indoctrinating ideologically biased “knowledge”, stamping the children into brainless robots that only know how to fit in but not how to use their own brains) and the health industry. The health industry has no incentive to actually heal people – there is more money to earn with chronically sick than healthy ones. Propaganda and advertisements are just two different sides of the same coin.

Edward Snowden continues to warn us – with great risk for his own life. He does it anyway and deserves a bigger medal than he’s able to carry.

A true hero of our times – a fact most people don’t realize. The streets of the USA should be filled with people demonstrating for Edward Snowden. The whole shabbang of 16+ secret agencies within the USA alone should be defunded and organizations like AIPAC, Skull&Bones, CFR, etc. made illegal.

Warning: educating yourself about these topics can change your life dramatically. Initially it might get worse before it gets better. Realizing the Matrix within which we are caught can be uncomfortable and scary…

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