Comedians – the Modern Version of the Jester

Comedians often are among the smartest people in society. Their cognitive abilities allow them to question our “status quo” – and the best humor condenses right at the boundary between what is socially accepted “knowledge”, tradition, dogmatic believe of the time and the objective reality.

Distributing the truth nicely disguised as a joke, makes the truth much more acceptable to the majority of people – or at least makes them think about it.

This gives comedians a great deal of responsibility since the ability to influence public opinion can also be abused for propaganda or dogmatic believes that are not in line with the objective reality.

By the way, this is probably the reason why Dave Chappelle rejected a 50$ million contract and Jim Carrey started to behave in strange ways thus dropping off the A-list of Hollywood. They couldn’t resolve the dissonance of what was asked of them (attempts to corrupt them with money and status) and their moral conscience. Hollywood is a huge propaganda machine with big fat ties to the Mossad & CIA and many big corporations. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and all social media have now joined the fray of propaganda influencing public opinion where this art can still be performed in much more granular detail. This becomes clear with the scandal around “Cambridge analytica” for example… The latest breach of trust comes from “free apps”. How and when we use them gives these corporations a very accurate insight into how to use a person’s biases to make them vulnerable and easy to attack. This is brain hacking on an individual level.

Dave Chappelle stepping back from $50 million contract
Jim Carrey on how comedians are being used to shape public opinion

How can you defend yourself, if your brain has more holes than a Swiss cheese!?

George Carlin => watch everything you can find related to him!

If you want to tell people the truth, make them laugh, otherwise they’ll kill you.

Oscar Wilde