Censorship is massively on the rise – most of it is sneaky, hidden, disguised as “good intentions”, “philanthropic cover stories” and even “scientifically sounding assertions”. Political correctness (in short “PC”) is IMHO one of the worst kinds of censorship. It is extremely dangerous and counter productive for the progress of humanity to install this thought police and kill any creative & progressive thoughts and open discussions out of fear to offend somebody. You know – you have the right to be offended. Now grow up and start dealing with the challenges this life is throwing at you. Not being offended anymore is part of growing up. Only crybabies throw a temper tantrum and cry “nanny staaaatee, this nasty person has another opinion than I have and this offends meeeee! Please shut him up and forbid him to ever voice another opinion again!”

There is also good news and a partial win in the fight against censorship:

YouTube CEO backtracks on censorship

The question remains, what other tactics (like ghosting, biased algorithms, memory hole, etc.) are being used to contain critical/skeptical information by labeling it a “hate speech”, “disinformation” or “conspiracy theory”. If the censorship is only hidden in a more efficient way, this is actually a bad move, as it will make it even harder to demonstrate the censorship that is happening. These labels are part of the indoctrination and propaganda language and should immediately raise red flags and ring the alarm bell. Because who for some is a “freedom fighter”, for others he is a “terrorist”. Now ask me, what a “moderate freedom fighter” is…

This leads us seamlessly to propaganda language.

Not my favorite US president by far, but this quote is right on the money. Woodrow Wilson was the bastard who allowed the formation of the FED. That’s when everything started to go south. For the USA and the world…